Hikaru is another one of those local places that took me ages to finally try out, but now has become nearly a weekly visit. I remember seeing a comment on Foursquare that said “I would step over my own mother if it meant the difference between getting and not getting the gyoza.”, and as a HUGE fan of fresh gyoza, I had no choice but to check it if it was true. Suffice to say, my mum was annoyed at me stepping over her, but the Gyoza were worth it.

Fresh Gyoza so good that you'll offer your first born for more.

We’ve tried nearly everything on the menu over the last year or so, and have very rarely been disappointed (those times we were, were trivial). The lunch specials are especially good value, being aimed at the local uni crowd. Full plate of food for $10-15, with your favourite meat/sauce, rice, salad, etc.

I generally stick to Teriyaki Chicken, or Salmon Steak Don, both of which are absolutely delicious, and generously sized. We’re also suckers for the hot pot, which cooks in front of you on a gas burner while you pick at the bits that are ready. A good way to get filled up on a cold winter night, and they have larger hotpots to share with your loved ones, or strangers, if you swing that way.

Hotpot, a winter staple. So much delicious in one bowl.
Teriyaki Chicken lunch special. Amazing value.

Hikaru can get pretty packed out, so on a weekend evening it’s good to book a table. Usually we just take our chance and queue up out front, or go at the quieter times (lunchtimes you rarely wait for a table, and weeknights can be busy but have a few spare).

The service isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s just a small place for cheap eats, so we don’t expect Michelin star service. If you’re in a rush, go to McDonalds drive-through… if you’re willing to relax with some sake and Edamame and have a nice night out, this definitely fits the bill.

Hikaru Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Written by Callan

Cancer fighter, photo taker, new father, coffee addict, car obsessed, physically in Sydney temporarily but mentally still at home in southern Tasmania.

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