Bakerman Patisserie is a small local bakery in Erskineville, next to the square and Pizza Piatsa (a truly awesome pizzeria that I have to review soon).

We’ve been going there for a fair while now, mostly for the pies, which are delicious. Flakey pastry, solid tasty insides, and always fresh. They also do amazing croissants, quiches, and a big variety of cakes/pastries for the sweeter toothed among you (I’m more into savoury stuff).

My default order is usually a pie and either a plain Croissant or a Vanilla Slice. Below pics are of a Quiche, Wagyu Beef & Mushroom Pie, Wagyu Beef Pie, and Vanilla Slice.

The service is a bit hit and miss, depending who you get. They’re all “nice”, but certain staff can be a bit stand-off’ish sometimes. Not sure what that’s about, but hey, I’m not there for the service, I’m there for the food… so as long as they take my money and give me my baked goods, our relationship will continue!

Bakerman Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Written by Callan

Cancer fighter, photo taker, new father, coffee addict, car obsessed, physically in Sydney temporarily but mentally still at home in southern Tasmania.

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