Pho 88 is a small family-run Vietnamese restaurant in Newtown, just south of the station on King St. Their specialty, surprise surprise, is Pho, a Vietnamese noodle dish that has gotten a cult following over the last few years by uni students and professionals alike, mainly because it’s bloody delicious! It’s also cheap, with a huge bowl for around $7-9 at most places, and here at Pho 88 an even huger one that can feed 2 people for around $11 depending on what meat you choose.

We’ve been here a fair few times now, and love the place. The staff are extremely nice, and always willing to chat to you and help you make a choice on what to eat, or explain the way through the manu. The food is generous, cheap, and always yum (I really need to learn more adjectives if I plan on blogging more, sorry!)

My favourite is the Bun (pronounced Boon), which is a cold noodle salad with hot fried chicken pieces or beef on top. It has vermicelli noodles, cucumber, mint, peanuts, carrots, and more, then you pour a dressing on top and they put fried pieces of meat across it. It’s incredibly refreshing yet still filling at the same time, and is perfect if you’re into light food but sick of eating lettuce based salads. It’s also huge, and I struggle to finish it (the amount of entrees I get doesn’t help though.)

I’m also a huge fan of Vietnamese entrees, from rice rolls to coconut prawns. Rice rolls are found everywhere these days, but you can’t judge them on the crap you get at bakeries or supermarkets… the rolls here are freshly made, and are a level above anything I’ve had elsewhere. I’m also totally addicted to the tangy peanut sauce on top, and usually end up eating any leftover sauce with a spoon!

Don’t forget to grab a Vietnamese Iced Coffee and/or fresh Coconut at the end, to wash it all down! If you’ve never had Vietnamese Iced Coffee, it’s probably my favourite way to have coffee. It’s a shot of coffee poured over ice and with condensed milk. It sounds odd, but it’s really not as sickeningly sweet as you’d expect, as the coffee balances out the condensed milk perfectly. It’s a very refreshing way to end the meal and gives you a bit of energy to waddle home.

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Written by Callan

Cancer fighter, photo taker, new father, coffee addict, car obsessed, physically in Sydney temporarily but mentally still at home in southern Tasmania.

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